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Spirit Meets Bone

As I rounded the corner of the snow-covered field, I noticed the run of tracks pressed into the fresh powder. I know dog and deer and these looked like neither. They were small and thin, like contrails and if there were indentations for paw or claw they didn’t reveal themselves. Rabbit maybe. I ventured further on the walk and encountered new sets of tracks. These left soft pockets and you could see the smaller indentations of hooves: deer. They went up over a short incline and disappeared into the tree line. The further I walked, the more I encountered both types of markings. At times they intersected, in other places they ran almost parallel to one another vanishing at the edge of a narrow stream cutting across the landscape.


I played my own little game, wondering at what I was witnessing. Frightened rabbit startled into high-tailing it for cover? Giddy…

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