Get to Know Me


It was on the brink of dawn when a premature baby boy’s scream echoed all throughout the delivery room. The sight of her fragile baby made the new mother fight back her swelling tears. It was the month of August and the earth had rotated 25 times since the last day of the previous month. She couldn’t forget the heart-breaking sight of seeing her firstborn with intravenous injection in his head. Doctors had no choice but to put it there since he was moving too much that the injection falls off every time on his limbs. The worried-sick parents couldn’t do anything but watch behind the looking glass of the hospital’s nursery.

Years passed. The little baby is now attending kindergarten. He had developed the reputation of being a crybaby. He’ll cry over the simplest things. Everyone who knew him would just laugh at the sight of him crying like it was normal. One time though, he tried building his courage when his wound was treated by his teacher when he tripped over while playing tag. He didn’t shed a single tear. People marveled at his disposition.

Years passed again. He spent his elementary studying in an exclusive all boys’ school, Don Bosco Technical Institute. He was actually happy he passed the entrance exam since he wasn’t able to spell the word “vegetable”. He spent most of his time alone in the library reading books. Back then, he wanted to prove that he wasn’t a crybaby anymore. With strong conviction, he dedicated his free time to studying and graduated at the top of his class.

He entered high school at his province’s most prestigious and excelling school, Negros Occidental National Science High School. After successfully passing the entrance exam, he became lax in his studies. His standpoint was, “there are a lot of smart and confident people here, why bother?” That changed when he was moved by his favorite teacher’s life lesson to their class.

He gained a lot of friends during his stay. He was no longer that lonely study bug you’d easily forget.  He is now a changed boy and you won’t recognize the resemblance of his personality in the past. High school was the most triumphant moment in his life where he was showered with various achievements from winning contests and his excellent academic performance.

Never did I realize that high school would soon come to an end. I knew it but the thought never really sank in. As college drew closer, I’m faced with the typical difficulty of soon-to-be high school graduates: choosing my degree program. To make the long story short, I took Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering at Palawan State University despite the proximity issues. Studying in a different province was hard at first. I didn’t know to budget and I end up spending too much. Thankfully, there never came a time where I was forced to ask for additional money from my parents.

Months passed up to the present, I’m loving every minute of my decision. I get to meet awesome people from other parts of the country and become friends with them. I loosened up a bit and learned to enjoy life more. Honestly, I used to be so anxious about what tomorrow may bring. Now, I always anticipate what the future has in stored for me.